Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Valentine's (four days later)!

This is the only time of year that I can get away because the Mardi Gras parades make it impossible for me to open the showroom. I also live on the parade route so life is pretty unbearable during this time of year. Fortunately, I take this time to have my vacation. Last year I visited my old friends in Mexico; this year my friend Leslie and I took a road trip to Destin.

Since I am always thinking about design and inspired by everything around me, I took the opportunity to breathe in the beach. The beach is definitely inspiring my new apartment, but it is also a major component of my best friend's house project. She lives in San Diego, loves beachy California chic style, and her eyes are the exact color of clear blue ocean water. We decided several months ago to focus on turquoise in all the main areas of the house, and the other rooms are inspired by sand, sky, and earth. Hopefully it will be a happy house - full of light and color - and a beautiful place for her and her wonderful hubby to raise a family.

I love you, E1!


Elizabeth said...

I can't wait to get all of your fabulous designs in my house where I can wake up to the!

You are amazing and I love you to pieces!

Leslie said...

I love your fabrics E1. Elizabeth is amazing. She's helping me with my fabrics as well. Very exciting. She's the bestest.