Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Art I love: David Hawkins

Hey guys - sorry I was MIA yesterday but I had a great weekend! You know there are only three things that will get this hermit out of the house: looking at art or design, a gorgeous man, and ice cream - well Friday night I was able to combine all three!

David Hawkins is a wonderful artist and he is about to leave New Orleans to go get his MFA in Philadelphia. He had a studio sale this past weekend and I had to get over there to buy up some early work so I can say I collected him from the beginning. His Reveries series is carried at Guthrie Contemporary (and I got a piece from this collection), but what he is really interested in right now is plein air work. That is where he will sit outside and complete an entire painting in one sitting, of whatever he is looking at. He also does a series of Pin-ups, which are gorgeous paintings of girls on wood, where the wood grain is exposed as the girl's skin - hard to explain but check out the photos! The pieces are really well priced, and easy to add in to any collection of art.

I guess all of you are wondering how I even concentrated on the work when David is so damn good-looking! He happens to be just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. If you would like to know more about this young painter, or to see his work, please contact Leslie or Katie at Guthrie Contemporary in New Orleans, or check out his new website : www.davidwilsonhawkins.com

We wish David good luck on all of his adventures and hope he comes back to NOLA soon!


Guthrie Contemporary said...

You really ought to be a journalist. I love the way you tell a story about what is happening. He is so cute isn't he!

Unknown said...

check out David's new website: